Sex education in America is broken, outdated, and failing teens.

Sexcellent is fixing and modernizing sex education because teens deserve better.

We are building a safe, inclusive, peer-centered app for teens to explore and discuss sexual health information created by doctors specifically for them.

Why does America need Sexcellent?


This is Sexcellent


All of our articles are authored and reviewed by doctors, but that doesn’t mean they are boring!

Want to test your knowledge, or earn free access to everything on Sexcellent? Take a quiz. Or eight. Each quiz you take gets you a little in-app currency.

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Teens are going to talk. Your Space is where it happens on Sexcellent.

If teens want a little more privacy while they browse our articles, they can flip on Stealth Mode.

A user can choose to follow friends and topics, receiving updates in their activity feed. Learning together is way more fun!

All that work and you should be recognized. Right? Totally. Check out the leaderboards to see who is killing it in the forums and quizzes. Blow up the leaderboards and get rewarded.

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